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The Swordmaster's Daughter

Whitefriars London 1604
When her father bans her from fighting after an unfortunate incident with a stray sword, Lucinda Evans is determined to continue fencing. She recruits a small group of women with an urgent need to defend themselves, training them in secret as the Sisters of the Sword. When the Sisters discover that two of their number were victims of the same cruel predator, they set out to bring him to justice, no matter what it takes.
Robert McCrae, the infuriatingly attractive heir of a Scottish Lord, cannot fathom why any woman has a need to fight, but when he fails to protect his only sister, he reluctantly seeks Lucinda’s help.
Plunged into a murky world of politics and duplicity, they are forced to work together, and faced with impossible choices. Loyalty or duty? Love or justice? The more he pulls, the more she pushes, and despite all of McCrae’s attempts to keep her safe, Lucinda strides on into danger, a danger she must ultimately face on her own.

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An Unsuitable Pursuit Book (1)

An Unsuitable Pursuit

Whitefriars Fencing School London 1605
Lucinda Evans, swordmaster’s daughter and reluctant informant always knew Lord Colin Cavendish would make her pay for her past. As well as spying on Catholic swordsmen she must now prise information from a charming Spanish diplomat. Given his lothario reputation, she is damned if she succeeds and destroyed if she does not.
To make matters worse, her “handler” is Robert McCrae, Cavendish’s heir and nephew, the man she loves who is far beyond her reach.
McCrae cannot bear encouraging, any kind of liaison between the woman he loves and the handsome Spaniard but with rumblings of Catholic dissent threatening to turn into full-blown treason, he must put the safety of his King and country before the longings of his aching heart.
When Lucinda’s investigations lead to a web of intrigue and double dealings she does not know what to believe and who to trust.
With the help of the Sisters of the Sword, her clandestine band of female fencers, she uncovers a plot so heinous and explosive it will go down in history, putting Lucinda in the perilous position of knowing far too much.

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