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Author Pet Of The Month
Joanna Nell

Joanna Nell writes uplifting stories full of heart, wry humour, and quirky, lovable and relatable characters who may have been around a block or two. Her first book The Single Ladies of the Jacaranda Retirement Village was an instant best-seller. She is about to release her fifth book next year and I can’t wait. You can find out more about Jo and her books here. Jo often posts about her writing muse Margot so she was high on the list of author-pets to feature. I’ll let her and Margot tell the rest of the tale.

The Fast Five.
Q1. Serial pet monogamist? Or ménage a pet?
Come on, is it possible to have more than one soulmate?

Q2. Set the scene. – where do you hang out with your pet/s?
Everywhere. It feels as though wherever my feet are, Margot is under them. 

Q. 3 Pet character profile
Name: Margot (selectively deaf to that name when there is something more interesting in the bushes)
Nickname: Moo, the Moomster
Age: 13 
Breed: Labrador 
Colour: Black (in hindsight we should have chosen a colour that matched the carpets)
Likes: Treats, vets (they have treats), the postman (he also has treats)
Dislikes: cats, vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, thunder, pills (even when disguised as treats), suitcases, grooming tools of any kind.

Q 4. Muse, distraction, or disruptor?
Muse. Mainly.

Q 5 Best pet in a book?
My choice would be Eric the chatty budgie in Lovebirds by Amanda Hampson, for his uncanny ability to read the room, and for his excellent impressions of both Sylvester Stallone and Humphrey Bogart.

Part 2. Now we’re talking, or panting, or purring…
Questions for both author and pet where they answer for each other in alternating Point of View

1.    Favourite treat.
Jo: Salted chips
Margot: Salted chips

2.    Their Worst habit.
Jo: eating possum poo when we leave the house
Margot: leaving the house without me

3.    Their best quality
Jo: Loyalty
Margot: Easily manipulated

4.    Bedroom truths.   Eg. On the bed, under the bed, next to the bed, closed bedroom door. 3 in the bed. ????
Jo: She sleeps outside because she snores
Margot: I sleep outside because SHE snores

Thankyou Jo and Margot for featuring in Author-Pet-of-the-Month and in the words of Bugs Bunny, That’s all folks. 

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