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About Terri

Like most writers I was one of those kids with my nose perpetually stuck in a book.

In my very suburban upbringing, reading was a way to travel through time, or to the other side of the world and go on all sorts of adventures. Not surprisingly I wanted to be a children’s author when I grew up but detoured into physiotherapy instead and writing was put on the backburner for a long time.

It was a winding and convoluted path that finally led me to write historical fiction. Along the way I collected a few short story prizes and a PhD in Creative Writing (otherwise known as a doctorate in Making Things Up). In the name of research I spent three months in the UK, became a Shakespearean-era theatre groupie, and learnt how to wield a sword. Now I write stories set in the early seventeenth century filled with feisty women, men in tights and plenty of swordplay. There’s a dash of romance, generous lashings of intrigue and a whole lot of girl power going on.
When I’m not writing or doing things to other people’s bodies (in a purely professional way) you might find me fencing, hula-hooping or eating dark chocolate, although I have not attempted all three at the same time.
An incurable optimist at heart, I like to blog about the odd, the interesting, the old and the innovative. When I disappear into my own creative musings my family call it being in ‘Terri world.’ It’s a happy place to be. You’re all invited to come along for the adventure.

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